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easyconnect is a Closed Transfer System (CTS) that makes filling your sprayer faster, easier and safer than conventional methods. easyconnect is supported by a large number of crop protection manufacturers, so you can enjoy the benefits across a wide range of products.

  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Safer
Easy Connect Connector

The Benefits: Faster, Easier, Safer

The easyconnect system consists of two components: a unique cap – which is pre-fitted on the containers – and a coupler. Together, they can save you time and effort filling your sprayer, while significantly reducing operator exposure and the risk of spills.

Easyconnnect Cap

Faster Faster

  • Integrated connecting plug. The easyconnect cap has an integrated connecting plug which eliminates the need for a foil seal. The coupler opens the connecting plug during emptying, then cleans and reseals the container, making it completely leak-proof.
  • Easy to use coupler. The process of emptying the container is semi-automatic, operated by the simple push of a lever once the bottle is locked in place.
  • Quick dosing. With easyconnect, the desired volume can be measured using either the translucent scale on the container, which is fixed to the coupler, or via any other external measuring system linked to it.
Easyconnnect cap on bottle

Easier Easier

  • Easy handling. easyconnect holds the container in place during emptying, rinsing, and sealing.
  • Integrated rinsing. Following complete emptying, the integrated rinsing system fully cleans the container. For partial pack emptying, the outside of the connecting plug and cap are cleaned to keep the container ready for the next application.
  • No adapter needed. Caps will come pre-fitted on a wide range of products.
Easyconnnect reduce spills

Safer Safer

easyconnect reduces the risk of operator exposure and spills in the following ways:

  • Direct transfer. The closed system allows products to be transferred directly from the container to the spray tank.
  • Integrated rinsing. Both container and cap can be rinsed using the integrated rinse lever on the easyconnect coupler.
  • Keep the cap on. With easyconnect, the cap never has to be manually unscrewed or removed.

How to use

How does easyconnect work?

1 Cap

Ec cap labels en

The easyconnect cap is resealable and leak-proof.

The connecting plug safely contains the remaining product until the next usage.

The dust cover provides additional protection to keep the connecting plug free of dust and debris.

2 Coupler

Easyconnect Coupler

The coupler connects to a sprayer tank to transfer the product into the sprayer.

The coupler only requires a one-time installation by a technician and is then ready to use.

3 Closed Transfer System

Easyconnect Closed Transfer System

A container with an easyconnect cap is connected to the coupler.

Used together, the easyconnect cap and coupler are a safer and more efficient way to easily empty a wide range of container shapes and sizes than conventional filling methods.

easyconnect CTS works without an adapter or foil seal. The unique cap is designed to fit all containers with IS 63 industry standards, irrespective of container size and manufacturer.

The easyconnect cap, pre-fitted on the container, allows the container to be connected directly and cleanly to the coupler to establish a true ‘closed system’.

The easyconnect cap can also be unscrewed manually for use with a traditional filling method if a coupler is not available.

4 Emptying

Easyconnect Emptying-a

To empty the container, the coupler probe pushes the internal connecting plug of the easyconnect cap into the container, thereby allowing the liquid contents to be emptied via the coupler into the tank.

The easyconnect system enables complete or partial removal of the product as the coupler automatically re-closes the container prior to disconnection.

Easyconnect emptying-b

Part pack emptying:

Specific product volumes can be dispensed by moving the operating handle back and forth to control the emptying speed.

Measuring of the volume is possible by using the scale on the container or the scale on the translucent suction hose

The easyconnect cap is resealable and leakproof and safely contains any remaining product for the next use.

5 Cleaning

Easyconnect Cleaning

The easyconnect system includes an integrated rinsing system.

For complete emptying, it cleans the empty container, cap and connecting plug to make it ready for recycling.

For partial pack emptying, the system cleans the suction hose and the connecting plug.

6 Materials

Easyconnect Materials

The easyconnect cap is made of HDPE and can be recycled according to local regulations.

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As industry leaders, we believe crop protection products should benefit operators, farmers and the environment. This is why our liquid products are now being equipped with the easyconnect cap, to help give farmers the widest range available in a Closed Transfer System.


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